Stanley Veterinary Clinic cares about your pet’s well-being. At our clinic we use the most advanced veterinary surgical technology. We have pain management protocols along with a technician who will be monitoring your pet through the entire process.

Surgical Procedures
The veterinarians at Stanley Veterinary Clinic have decades of experience performing a wide range of veterinary surgical procedures. Surgeries performed include spay/neuter, mass and tumor removals, more complicated soft-tissue and orthopedic surgeries.

Laser Surgery
Our clinic uses advanced surgical laser technology for many of our procedures. Using a surgical laser for surgery is more beneficial than using a scalpel for multiple reasons.
The laser seals the nerve endings as it cuts, which means there is less swelling and less pain post-surgically. It also seals the blood vessels so there is less bleeding and tissue damage. Because of these benefits, your pet can recover quicker from his/her surgical procedure and return to his/her normal activities.

Your Pet’s Surgery
While your pet is in surgery, he or she is closely monitored by a specially-trained veterinary technician. Your pet will be kept warm and comfortable throughout the procedure and the technician will constantly be monitoring his or her condition with state of the art anesthesia equipment. We strive to keep your pet as comfortable, pain free and safe as possible.

Dental Procedures

Dental care is very important to your pet’s health. Dental disease can affect more than your dog or cat’s mouth. It may lead to serious health problems such as heart or lung disease.

How we do Dental Cleanings at Stanley Veterinary Clinic:

  1. All patients have presurgical blood work in order to ensure they are healthy enough for anesthesia.
  2. I.V. catheters are placed and Propofol is used to induce anesthesia. We then start IV fluids, thermal support and measure blood pressure, body temperature, blood oxygen, CO2 levels, and ECG are all monitored.
  3. Full mouth HDVI scan is included in all of our dental procedures.
  4. A complimentary brief abdominal ultrasound is performed. We scan the kidneys, spleen, liver, and bladder. On several scans performed, disease was detected at an early stage.
  5. If there are unexpected extractions we will call you to discuss before we continue.
  6. Cold therapy laser is performed on all dentals to help with inflammation and swelling as well as this helps promotes healing.

Ask our staff about our dental procedures today!