We offer multiple in-house testing panels including but not limited to:

CBC (Complete Blood Count): Counts the different blood cell types, differentiates each and other information about blood cells.

Chemistry Panel: Helps evaluate organ function and dysfunction as well as electrolytes and other non-cellular factors in the blood.

SediVue: Urine analyzer to evaluate the urinary tract for infection, crystals, and other factors.

Vetlab UA Analyzer: Evaluates the chemical components of urine samples such as checking pH and for glucose (sugar) in the urine as well as others.

Snap tests: Quick and convenient tests for heartworm and tick borne disease, pancreatitis, Feline leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency virus, Giardia parasite, and Parvovirus infection.

Fecal Float: A routine test used to diagnose many of the common intestinal parasites found in dogs and cats.

Fecal, Ear (Otic), and Fine Needle Aspirate Cytology: Gives the ability to look at samples from different parts of the body under the microscope to diagnose a number of disease/infectious processes.

Bacterial Culture and Sensitivity: We can grow bacteria from urinary tract infections, skin infections, ear infection and others and test those bacteria against antibiotics to determine the correct antibiotic to best treat the infection.