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Same-day Cellular Therapies for Pets in Kansas City

What are Cellular Therapies?

Cellular therapies is a new treatment to improve quality of life when a cat or dog is suffering with chronic pain from osteoarthritic conditions such as arthritis, tendon and ligament injuries, and immune mediate arthritis as well as other conditions. Stem cells are the body’s repair cells. They have the ability to divide and differentiate into many different types of cells based on where they are needed throughout the body. Stem cells can divide and turn into tissues such as skin, fat, muscle, bone, cartilage, and nerve to name a few. They even possess the ability to replicate into organs such as the heart, liver, intestines, pancreas, etc. (Medi-Vet America)

How does the procedure work?

The day of the procedure, the veterinarian will anesthetize your pet. He will surgically remove a couple tablespoons of fat. This is a relatively simple procedure that is quicker and easier than performing a spay. They will then process the fat to remove the stem cells. Processing generally takes a couple of hours. After the stem cells have been collected, your pet will be sedated and the stem cells will be administered into the affected joints and/or into the bloodstream. It is important that you do not feed your pet the night before the procedure. (Medi-Vet America)

We may suggest that your pet stay overnight, so that he/she may remain quiet in their kennel and a veterinarian may check on them first thing in the morning. Results will gradually improve as your pet returns to a life of mobility.

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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

The benefit of adding PRP while doing stem cell treatment for your pet is that PRP will give immediate relief as the stem cells take little time to show their benefit.