Stanley Veterinary Clinic has invested in the newest digital radiology technology. Our doctors are able to review the x-rays immediately and email them to other veterinarians for a consult. X-rays can be used to diagnose many conditions, including bladder stones, locating foreign bodies, tumors, broken bones, enlarged organs, and hip dysplasia. If we suspect any type of obstruction in your pet’s gastrointestinal tract we do offer a special procedure, barium series, which will help evaluate if there truly is obstruction.

Radiographs During Spray & Neuter Surgeries

During spays and neuters, we offer complementary radiographs of your pet’s hips to check for hip dysplasia. This will also provide us with a baseline for any future reference.

If there is ever an emergency, your pet needs to be diagnosed and treated as quickly as possible. Our advanced laboratory is able to run bloodwork such as complete blood counts (CBC) and blood chemistry profiles while you are waiting in the room and the doctors are able to interpret the results immediately.

Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging

Veterinary diagnostic imaging is used to discover internal disease or injury. Stanley Veterinary Clinic employs advanced imaging technologies operated by board-certified veterinary radiologists, guaranteeing the highest quality of care for our patients.

Radiographs, or X-rays, use electromagnetic radiation directed towards the body to highlight objects within. They can detect abnormalities including skeletal fractures, soft tissue damage, foreign bodies, and dental disease.

Orthopedic radiographs and contrast studies require the patient remain completely still to work correctly, necessitating sedation in most cases. Some specialized procedures may require anesthesia. The duration of sedation or anesthesia is usually short and patient recovery is swift. A board-certified anesthesiologist oversees all procedures.

Pet Radiology In Overland Park, Kansas

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