COVID-19 Update

Effective immediately, our regular exam room protocol has been temporarily changed to a drop off format.

We ask that you show up for your appointed time, but we will have you call from the parking lot when you are here.

A technician will be out as soon as possible to get a history from you and take your pet inside.

The doctor will then do any applicable exams, treatments and vaccines. Any findings or questions will be communicated to you by the doctor via phone call.

Payment can be taken at this time, or when you arrive to pick up your pet. This is being done to limit everyone’s exposure to potential pathogens.

Our newly completed clinic addition includes an air filter system that continuously sanitizes and removes 99% of contaminates from the area

We ask that our clients consider our online pharmacy for any food and medication needs.

Virtual visits are available through an application called Airvet. Download the Airvet app in the App Store and Google Play.

Please call the office for our latest appointment availability as our hours have recently changed.