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Tina W.

The doctors and staff at Stanley Veterinary Clinic are top notch. They are kindhearted and are always there to explain/answer any questions that you have about any concerns regarding your fur baby. I Highly recommend this clinic! If you are looking for a kindhearted and caring clinic, look no further!

Mike N.

They have always taken great care of Jasper, our border collie. They understand he is an energetic dog and are fine with that. By the same token, they always manage to calm him down, and they need to, because he loves seeing them

Jason H.

We have an elderly cat (16) that has diabetes and needed some teeth pulled. He’s our only pet, and has been with me (Dad) for 1/3 of my life! They made making the difficult decisions much more smoothly and easily, and our boy Joxer hasn’t been so energetic and back to his “old-self” in a … Read moreJason H.