Rabies Control

Stanley Veterinary Clinic has contributed 11550 doses of rabies vaccine to this cause, this is how being part of the Stanley Veterinary Clinic is helping others around the world

Dear Dr. Pelfrey,
We know our prosperity and happiness are tied to our relationships with animals. Looking after them, and the people that rely on them, are responsibilities that lie at the heart of everything we do.

More than 59,000 people die from rabies every year – a rate of one person every ten minutes. Africa and India still bear the highest burden of total annual rabies deaths. Fortunately, prevention through vaccination of dogs has been shown to be an effective way to halt the spread of rabies and save lives.

Twelve years ago, the Global Alliance for Rabies Control, together with health organizations around the world, set a goal of eliminating human rabies transmitted by dogs by 2030. That is why we donate vaccines for rabies elimination programs such as Mission Rabies and Afya Serengeti.

By using Nobivac® vaccines for your patients, you support our ability to supply ongoing support and vaccine donations to areas in need. Together we can stop rabies worldwide.

Thank you very much for your business

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